Bob McGoogle


Leah a.k.a. BobMcGoogle Not another dumbass college brat! Jesus.

Mike Leah's annoying big brother who keeps her on the straight and narrow. My daddy.

Kat My Asian twin. We share the same brain, only she's smarter.

Mommy My mutha, who do you think? Love her squishy boobs, good to cry into.

Katie Friend from old school, knows why too much about me, that's scarey. She must be destroyed. Muahahaha!

Ang My soul sister. The one chick in this world who actually gets it; beauty fades but being a bitch never does. Isn't she perfect?

Tadapoo Foxy furry bitch I got for my 16th birthday. Isn't he furry? At 22 pounds... LOOK OUT GARFIELD! He's going to kill me one night while I'm sleeping.

Bob My baby furry boy. He meows at me like crazy and has death breath, but he's my little furry orange kitty. He likes to sleep in a ball, it's so cute!

Hammy Looks like a little piggy!


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