Bob McGoogle

A whole genertion of ADD: Ambition Deficit Disorder

Do you ever look around at your life and think "Is this it? Is this what all that planning was for?" Why is it for some of us life doesn't quite turn ot how we thought or planned for it to? I thought I was going to be a lawyer fighting for abuse victims and women's rights. Somehow fate and my fault got in the way. Why in school do they set us up on this track? "Stay on this track and you will reach your goals." But they never tell us what to do if something happens and we get knocked off. Do we just stand there at the track waiting for another train to come by or begin a new track that wasn't part of this master plan you started for yourself back in grade school? There is a whole generation of us standing at the tracks feeling like we failed because we never reached what was planned as our final destination that they told us to do in school. If you're not in some awesome prestigious career then you're supposed to be in school, but what if you don't know anymore what the school is for? You got knocked off your track and you don't know if you run away or run toward something different. Different then what we had planned or rather planned for us is a scarey thing. I know I'm still at the tracks. Sure I venture away to try new things but I keep finding myself back at the goddamn track waiting for the train to come. So no matter what we do, if somehow we get knocked off this track are we to feel like failers forever because we've only been taught to follow it and now we are left with no ambition but to follow where we are lend to this magical pot of gold of a career at the end of our trip?


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