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ah........ yeah

cant wait till i get my tax return..we're gonna buy a new comuter cuz ours is toast. right now its making grinding noises..hmm...weird. im also considering buying a playstation 2 and final fanstasy x cuz josh got me hooked on it. plus mark downloaded a bunch of games from some website he plays on his dreamcast and the game he likes the best is final fantasy 1 so i think he'll enjoy it even though he thinks im retarded for wanting to buy it. he thinks its a waste of money which it probably is cuz i only wanna watch it hehehe not play heheeheh. i know i know thats a dumb reason to buy it. geez fatto is on my lap and crushing my bones ouch. goddamn i have a fat cat. thats not even the worst part he has a lot of fur so hes constantly shedding..i feel like i eat more feline fur than i do food. yuck. but he smells nice. i love my felines, they are always there when i need them. i hope everyone had fun on v day. sounds like the stick should be pretty hoppin. god i wish i could go. that would rock.

i really hope kat goes to chicago, i think theres more opportunity for her out there and i hope josh goes with her. then they can both have eachother to help out. plus theyd be closer to me and thats always a good thing. i wonder if josh liked my singing on his answering machine?

i heard that you were feeling ill, headache, fever and a chill...i came to help restore your pluck cuz im the nurse who likes to..... you get the picture.

well thats all for tonight. isnt tonight the hardest f-ing word to type? i always have to backspace. weird. goodnight all good night kat have a great v day and i miss you girl! ps. dont get too sloshed ..or depressed over jackass bringing that girl he doesnt deserve you.


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