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you were my friend but now my enemy

you were my friend now my enemy.

you once filled me with tingles and calmed my head. you made everything go away, spared me from the truth. you filled my veins with warmth when i was freezing cold. you took away my fear and allowed me to rest. you were my friend but now my enemy. you came on so fast i never knew what hit me. before too long i was hooked on you and you on me. we fit together well. when my eyes finally opened i saw you for who you were, not my friend but my enemy. you took my once lovely shape and distorted it without me ever noticing. you took my thoughts and feelings away from me till there was nothing left but terror and self doubt. you were my friend now my enemy. i fight you hard but you keep knocking me down. my will power is weak thanks to you. i crave that feeling that you once gave to me. floating, like air, free from any harm. i thought i could control you but you had all the control. i fight back, you fight harder. thoughts of you keep me awake at night, i fight to stay away. you call to me, you beg "let me in one more time ill make everything ok." but you didnt you were never my friend you were stupid fucking pills i couldnt stop taking.


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