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flashes of the past

michelle messaged me today regarding the email i sent her. she upset but she understood. then she asked me if i was making uo that my mom had changed her surgery and i was like no but i really didnt want to go anyways. so i told her and junk and she took it well. she said she missed the way we used to be and i told her we could never be like that again becuase the truth is we cant..i have a lot of anger still and shes the same person anymore and neither am i. people grow and change..we spent too much time away from eachtoher to grow together we just grew apart. now i dont want to talk to her about much rather talk tot kat. kat gets me a lot better then anyone else. and marklar mom and the boys too. but not her. its dramatic and stupid but hey life blows sometimes eh? things change. im sorry for her but they do and i dont feel them same closeness anymore and i dont feel like its worth it to try to build a friendship again with someone who i have to watch what i say because our opinions are so different she might be offended by them. sorry but hey thats just life, and its to short to waste with people you dont get along with you know? still not smoking but goddam i wanted one today..i hope this goes away. i have to pooh ttyl


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