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whoa man...the osbornes rock!!!! i love that show! omg! its seriously the best thing on tv. i love watching ozzy the dad..hes so fucking funny. i highly recommend this show. so anywho since vegas is at the end of this month we're starting to prepare..we're staying at the the rivera or some shit. hopefully they have an indoor pool. the cats have a vet appointment tomorrow..yay...i get to lug them outside to get into the pet-go-van....thats what they call it they, come to your house..or your building but the van is the office. wayyyy more expensive but its better then driving around my cats..that sucks ass. so anywho then heres the rest of my summer so far...

march 19th -27th-vegas

may30th-june 3rd-dads coming here

june 20th -26th ill be home for moms surgery

june 26th -july 1st ill be in phili for reunion

july????? josh and kat come here for a week or 2

august ?????-mark and i take our road trip to cali.

busy eh?

sounds like it will be fun but the planning is awful plus during all this we have to find another apartment and move into it by july is up. sooo....very busy summer but should be fun. btw i did win those chanel sunglasses! yayayayayayya they are super pimped out! yayayay ok well thats about all for now except this is to careful with ebay!!!! its dangerous! hahhahaah

love ya'll!! bye!


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