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Just a little Mushy.

Well it sounds like everyone had a good St. Patty's Day. I did too. I slept in really late then I worked out all day. It was fun even though I didn't drink..I really didnt feel like it. I always get hangovers. You would think with the Boyd genes I would be fine but nope, not me. God I have to find someone to take these f-ing birds! Grr!!!

So, anything, I did start a new diet. Um, and I started measuring my body so I can keep track of the size once a week.

Oh! yeah! Kat sent me 2 of the cutest cards this weekend.. she is so sweet. Its like when you think no one remembers you unless you are around, then here comes Kat to remind you that your wrong. I wish I would have met her a long time ago, her advice and friendship may have saved me a lot of grief. Maybe then I wouldn't have let things with the pills get as out of control as I did because I had no one to talk to. Plus I could say "meow!" a lot more to someone..heheheh. I'm such a nerd. Ok well I have to work out but let me just say this, real friends like Kat my mommy and even my bros are like that(a kind of friend through anything)they don't come along very often AT ALL so cherish them while you have them. I love you guys! And thank you all for being there for me. Ok I'm done getting mushy its time to sweat and get stinky. Buh Bye!


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