Bob McGoogle

Ouch..diddley ouch

Man I feel like poop today. I think it's because the weather keeps changing so much! Yesterday was 65 degrees and today is like 20 degrees. This is how it keeps going out here and now my throat is all you know what that means..pop goes Leah's ear drum. I give it another day or two. I am so tired and achy from this crazy workout stuff but I can't stop not even today. I need everyday I have to workout then I know I've tried my hardest to lose this crap. I slept for about 4 hours last night without any help so thats good. But now I'm really tired and achey, I'm getting sick as a dog and those stupid birds won't shut the hell up for 2 minutes. Can you tell I'm getting sick? hehehhe Ok grouchy girl is leaving now. Bye bye.


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