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If I could be any color what color would I be?

Back from Vegas. Jesus christ. Man it sucked man asshole clean. Well heres the break down...

Wednesday-get there check shit out.

Thursday-drink myself stupid go STRAIGHT to bed after 7 beers.

Friday-wake up with the worst fucking hangover of my life. Stay in bed ALL day.

Saturday-finally go outside in 80 degree weather to lounge by pool and tan a little..put on desert its 85 and rising...feel burning...(it tastes like burning) ...go hour later notice leg is burning me badly...look in mirror, and thats when I noticed what color I had become yes folks Leah the dumbass burnt herself blood red. No, no not red like "Ouch man, that shit must hurt!" No, I'm talking blistering red, actual blisters, eye lids red, hands/feet red, vomiting red. Yes now you get it..can everyone say SUN POISONING? Yup. So then I spent

Sunday-Greasing myself up all day in bed cuz I couldnt move..and a little crying was involved

Monday-drive home all 800 miles in car, in desert heat most of the way, hardly any clothes on, freezing Mark with air conditioning, in extreme pain, then...oh heres where the fucking cherry on the sunday comes...we're making pretty good time getting home its about 830pm then theres this loud BOOM! The fucking muffler in my cars starts dragging and we're in the moutains about 100 miles out of Denver, no flash light, no hanger, no roadside assistance. Mark had to tape it till we could get to a gas station then he has enough light to pull the fucker off. So did I like Vegas? FUCK NO. How was my Easter..well I spent it in the most pain I've ever felt to date. So this trip sucked my balls but Mark had fun.

And now onto other crap..just reading that is pissing me off.

I can't believe that about D. Man hes been like my nephew. God I feel so bad for Mike. What a decision he'll be faced with soon you know? Well my prayers are with him. And D too!! Poor dog..I really love that dumb poop eating dog.

I still cant put on many clothes. My face is staring to crack though..which means soon there will be all kinds of skin pickin fun!

Miss Kat is gonna get her butt kicked my me for having such perfect skin that she doesnt have to torture herself like I do to get tanned! You suck! Heheheh she can't help it shes perfect. I'm really glad mikey's surgery went well, that was scarey. I called him the day he got home but I dont think he remembers..he was out of his gord! (did I spell that right? hmm I don't think so oh well..I care.) Kat sent me a crad for easter! yayay! heheh Ok well I'm gonna go. Bye bye. Like my title? heheh


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