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We found the bomb apartment today!! Yyayayay I think this is it folks! The very first one we saw was it! They have an indoor pool an upstairs thingy..well take a look..

if you take the 360 degree tour and see the livingroom that has a wooden balcancy thingy for upstairs thats ours! Its soo f-ing sweet! But now we have to try to get everything together for the move date in July. We have to get a hold of movers to move us, and change address and get renters insurance and all that junk. Hey while your there check out the features! It has a fireplace!! And 2 bathrooms!!! Look at the square feet! God I love this place!!! They have a lake thing they built to go paddle boating in!!! Its like being on a holiday but its where you live!!!! They even have this huge workout room they showed us today!! Its huge and fucking awesome with personal trainers!!! And they have a salon in the apartment building! See? What did I say? Its like a hotel! I love it! I can't wait for you all to see it!!!! Yayayaya I'm soo excited!!! Ok thats all for now!! But.. yayayayayayyayayayyayay ok bye bye


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