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Spider Man!

Spider man rocked the fucking house dope! Dude you have to go see it! Man I thought Toby Mcgwire was hot in Cider House Rules, but whoa! What a babe with those blue eyes! Man I love his eyes. Great movie!! Really nice Clark!

Dark Angel season finale was tonight, it was awesome! What a cliff hanger! Man I don't know how I'm gonna hold out till September! It sucks for a loser like me when all the shows have their seasons end because all I do is watch tv. Seriously, I'm not lying..ask my brothers.

Well Weight Watchers is going better today. I'm only gonna work out 6 days a week now, because 7 was killing me. Man I have to poop. Hang on. Ok I'm back. Talking about poop is fun. Its squishy, and 2 favorite componites! Heheheheheheheheheh God now I have to pee. Hang on. Ok I'm back. No I really don't have anything better to talk and pooping. Deal with it. And hey, your the dumbass reading this shit I put up on here! Did you ever notice right after you poop then get off the toliet, like a minute later you have to pee? That always happens to me. I hate that. If I sit on the toliet and wait for it, my ass falls asleep, that sucks too. Well I'm gonna go find some pics of the guy who plays Alec on Dark Angel and drool over them. Have a great weekend!


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