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Update on my face...

Update on my face...

Pimple still not surfaced yet. Chin in a lot of pain. Will not poke with a pin..thank you Mike. More news later. Later has come..I just read Kats entry. My heart goes out to her and her family, and I read Mikes and my heart goes out to him too. People who don't have pets can't understand the bond you make with them. I remember when they first moved into that house. Mike and Karie were so worried about leaving D by himself they asked me to babysit..yup for a dog. But thats how it is. Like my cats, I pay people 15 dollars an hour to watch them when I go out of town and yet I call them everyday to see how Tad and Bob are. They've been with me a long time and I don't know what I would do if they ever got sick. Its really hard because we love these animals the difficult decisions we are forced to make because there isnt enough help out there for animals yet, or there is but its wayy to expensive. Or sometimes, the disease has spread for far so fast theres nothing that can be done. I feel awful for Mike, its like losing a child. I wish I could see Darrian one last time before he goes, but I dont know if I'll be there in time since Mikes diary said hes taken a turn for the worst. I love that dog, I really do. I remember that when I lived there, there would be times when all the boys were gone and it was just me and D. We would lay on the couch togther and watch tv. He'd put his paw in my hand even though he doesnt like people touching them, he'd let me. I remember us sitting in the window watching for my ride to school in the morning. I really hope he's fooling everyone because its just not fair. I really wish I could walk him again or should I say have him walk me, because it was great to see people get scared shitless over seeing a Warlock Doberman Pincher who is as big as a horse come right up to them with his tounge hanging out. It was great. I really hope Darrian hangs on a bit so Mike can have all the time he'll need. And I pray that he isnt in pain. It really sucks when life throws you a hard ball, but I know people like Kat and Mike will get through it because they have tons of people who love them and who care about what happens to them. I'm here if you need me guys k? I love you!


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