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BBQ's suck on Weight Watcher's.

Sweaty...ewewewewewe I just worked out. I got up super late cuz fatass was meowing all night. I'm gonna have to kill that furry feline. The bird's were humping today, that was funny. My hair is all cut off and I'm not sure if I like it yet. I'm not gonna put up picks for now k? Eat me. Nothing good on tv tonight-booo! We were invited to a BBQ this Saturday to watch the game with other Wing's fans but I'm not sure if I want to go. It's not like I can even eat the BBQ or drink, I don't have enough point's to do that for a month. So that would suck watching everyone else drink and eat. Plus they are all foose dirtballs so I dont know that I'd want to be around all the smoking too. Yes they all smoke too. Too many temptation's for Leah. I hope this new thing with 13 point's no adding on of work out points and drinking a gallon of water a day is helping. I hope this time after a month when I get on the scale I've actually lost some weight or I'm going to fucking kill someone. Seriously, I'm getting really pissed off about that. So there had better be some fucking weight gone or someone is gonna die. Ok that's about it for now..can you tell I'm not ready to have food thrown in my face yet? Hahahah I dont think I'll go, it's just not a good idea right now. Marklar can go though:-)


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