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My pits stink

Well...I know your all wondering. Yes I fucked up hard core this weekend and ate all kinds of crap. But hey I gotta live too! I'm doing my double workouts all week to make up for it and because Dad is coming on Friday and I won't be able to for a couple days. I'm tired of messing up, whenever I do, I feel fatter. I know, I know, enjoy yourself have fun, you gotta live a little, but I keep living too much and my ass keeps getting bigger. God! When will I be 90 lbs again! Arrrgghhh!!! I'm done messing up, seriously I'm sick of it. Plus I fart non-stop when I eat crap. I'm farting all the time without eating junk so why fan the flame you know? Heheheh You wanted to know that, I know you did. :-) I really missed my family this weekend. Holiday's are hard being so far away. I don't get to hear my brothers' jokes and hear my mom get all indignant, like she doesn't enjoy how gross we all are. I miss her food too! Sometimes its really hard being so far away, I feel so cut off from them and the world but then again..I'm cut off from the drama too. It's a coin toss for which is worse. My veins are snapping again, of course I had to get the Druyor spider veins! Geezz like I don't have enough wrong with me. I was checking out prices for nose jobs again this weekend..only 4500 at this one place I found not too bad eh? I know what you'll all say "You don't need a nose job!" But I have always hated my face and especially my nose, it's my nose and I hate it. And if I want to change it so be it, it's my nose and I could care what other people think, I want it changed so eat poop k? If I had enoguh money I'd get my nose fixed, my spider veins, braces on my teeth again to put them back the way they were before I got braces, and have the cellulite removed from my thighs. That would be soo sweet, maybe some day. I want my teeth back the way they were cuz my mouth is too small and having such big teeth doesn't look good. They looked better the way they were before when they were slightly hidden behind my front teeth. I don't know why I thought this would look good before. My bad! Hahahahah Isn't it funny how much we don't like ourselves? Oh well. I really hope everyone had a rockin' Memorial Day weekend. Mine was good. Although here's some advice, if you found out someone just quit smoking please don't blow smoke toward them and start laughing like you think your cool because you can smoke and they can't. You look like an asshole. Plus all you smokers are fucking dumb anyways. I'm sorry I know people whom I love and adore but your dumb for doing it and you know it... so stop! I did so can you! I smoked for 10 years! You can do it, get some freakin' balls and do it. Man I'm tired of watching people smoke, YOUR GOING TO DIE. Don't you get it? I don't want you to die. Ok I'm done I have to finish working out. And yes a guy at that BBQ did that to me except infront of about 10 other people he came in and asked who just quit smoking, which he already knew the answer because I was just outside talking about it, and then blew it towards me. Nice friends of Mark's ey? I fucking hate people in Colorado.


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