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Like it or don't see if I care...

So I see I've gotten a few more viewers according to my stats, which is awesome. I hope you all like what we've done but you havent seen all of it yet. Has anyone noticed my ollder entries page yet? Click on Digested Prunes...its pretty sweet. We should be all done by Monday. Im having him throw in some tracer things for my own benefit and theres gonna be different quotes of the day for each day along with different pictues.

So onto me

I feel like poop today and yesterday. My throat is killing me! We went to the bar last night to watch the game which was awesome! Tomorrow we're going to the bar again to watch it. Theres a whole bunch of Red Wings fans that hang out at this bar here and its awesome! We have people to cheer with again! Yayayayayya I hope everyone has a great weekend and those of you who havent updated your diaries soon do so. I have to go now, Im stalking someone again. Muhh hahahahahaha ahah


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