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Camp Oyessa?

This weekend was pretty sweet. We got our new grill and we bought a bunch of stuff we needed for the apartment. There is this window upstairs, a sky light but its on an angle so Bob can jump on it and get out. So we had to buy some net stuff like whats in skirts, so we could block him but still let in air. Then we bought a new computer chair. Mark gets to write part of it off as a business exspense, pretty sweet eh? Then, and this is the best part, I got a scooter! You know those ones that are battery powered? Mark bought me one so I have a ride to work whenever I find a job. I was just going to buy a little 60 dollar bike but he said a scooter was better. I have to agree...:-) That thing goes so fast! Its awesome to ride on. I call it my new car. Heheheh Im up to a whole pill now, so hopefully things will be moving faster now with my big butt. I have it mastered now to where Im done working out by 6:40am. I want to get a job at Jenny Craig, they are just up the street, not only becuase its close by and I have a lot of business experience, but I think I can offer clients a different perspective to weight gain. Plus Ive been there so I know how it feels you know? I think it would be really cool, but who knows if they are hiring or if I have what the need you know? We'll see. Theres always Michaels too, that would be cool. Im going to have Marklar do my resume tonight so I have it with me. We made a really good dinner last night. We used our grill for the first time and Marklar made BBQ chicken, it was really good. Then I made corn ala cob and this salad my mom made for me while I was there, some Emeril thing. It was really good. Then for desert we had strawberry shortcake. I was trying to copy this meal my mom made while I was there. I think I need to stop doing laps soon, my ear keeps hurting when Im done. Mom said that swimming is really good for you but with my ears its not such a great thing. Plus when I fond a job I cant do laps in the morning anymore that takes too long. Thats ok I can do some on the weekends every now and then I guess. I hope everyone had a great weekend too. Yeah I do worry about Kat. I just want her to get away for a while from everyone. I want her to to sleep all day if she wants or paint or dance or sing, whatever, I just want her to relax. I want a lot of stuff. I want my brother to stop hurting. I want my mom to take better care of herself. But like she always says to me you cant fix everything. And shes so right.

Its funny, this place is like camp. We we're walking around Saturday night to look at all the different buildings and its ridiculous how many there are! It was funny there was people sitting out side and some kids running around. With the grills going and the moonlight shining down, it really did feel like I was back at camp. We were running around like little kids. I wanted to spy on people in the windows but I didnt think Mark would be too down with that..Im so sneaky! Heheheh It was a really good weekend except that Marklar is sick as a dog right now. Poor boy! Bow! Well thats about it for now. Tah Tah.


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