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Patty Tanenger the caddie manager.

So D is fine. I guess instead of dying the dog was stoned out of his mind. He got into some "junk" and ate a bunch of it. Heheh What a dumb dog. Man I love that dog! Hahahaha He scared the shit out of me!

So anywho, Marklar comes home tomorrow yay! He didnt do as good as he wanted to but he still rocked them like a hurricane in my opinion. Ill be hiring a trainer soon to help me get this fat off better and faster cuz Im running out of ideas and I think Im doing some stuff wrong. Ill call him tomorrow to set it up. Its not as expensive as you think. Man! I have this huge f-ing pimple on my chin and it hurts like a mother fucker. I cant pop it yet cuz there isnt a head yet..but soon my pretty...soon....muhhahahahahah! Im eating a bunch of mushrooms right now. I couldnt find anything else to eat here for breakfast. No not those kind of muchrooms you sicko, like salad mushrooms. They're kinda gross for breakfast but what are you gonna do you know? I wish I had some oakymoke. That would be soo good! Today Im calling a bunch of more places to see if they are hiring, if they are then Ill be putting in apps to them. Im running out of options here folks. I dont have a car so it has to be close by. I think Ill start calling them and saying "please hire me, Im short, sweet, and I dont smell bad..well most of the time I dont!" There seems to be NO ONE f-ing hiring around here though so it blows. Hmm I really want a job. I want to pay my own bills again. I want to have something to do all day. I want to have self respect becuase I take care of myself! AND I want more Barbie stuff!!!!!!!! Yeah I collect Barbie stuff, so what you wanna fight about it? Dont knock it, I have a collection right now with just Barbie furniture and my house thats estimated by Ebay to be about 3000 buck-a-roos. Yup. I love getting clothes for them. I love Target and Walmart they have fashion avenue clothes in there for like 4.98 a piece! See? Its not that expensive to collect stuff. Well Barbie stuff anyways. Ok I have to make an appointment to get my eyebrows done and start calling people to beg them for a job so Im not a bum anymore. Wish me luck! Or if this doesnt work out maybe I can become a bank robber? Thats always an option. I could be a thug. Dont you think? "Just call me all american looking thug!" I mean geez could I be anymore sterio typical American girl? Blonde hair blue eyes and I can kick your ass? Thats me! You gotta love my new pic up from last Halloween and oh yeah its on again this year! Yeah baby! I have to take a doodie, those mushrooms really upset my tummy...I mean gut...I mean crap factory. Yup I love the Simpsons. Jolie- Your welcome mwah back to you! I like the boobs one!


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