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Calling all Diarylanders

This is not my normal slap jawed entry this is very serious. But right from the bat, Id like to make ABSOLUTELY CLEAR, that I believe that hate crime laws are stupid and unnecessary. If you murder do you not hate or do it with malice? Other then that its self defense or an accident. There should be no attention paid to what color the victims or murderers are. I just wanted to show that this case was handled in a very blatantly racist way. The same laws must be applied to both sides or there will be even more race problems in this country. Read it before you go off please.

I met a wonderful girl through this diary and she lives in Kansas. She told me a few days ago about a crime that happened there that was virtually kept quiet from the rest of the world, that is until now. I read the website she sent me yesterday and I bought a copy of the transcripts. This is by far the most horrible crime I have EVER heard about. Im begging you to take action. Please read it at

There are many things wrong in this world and this is the worst case of coverup and hiding behind racial obscurities I have ever encountered. They were attacked by 2 black men who did horrible things to them before they were executed, then ran over with a car. But the DA refuses to call it a hate crime. Do you remember that cop in California who punched a black kid and was chrged with one? But no, this isnt a hate crime? WTF? Are we living with blinders on? This is the biggest case of hate crime there has EVER been, its just that this time its white people being attacked by black so that makes it less hateful right? If we are going to use crap like hate crimes to differentiate between malice or not, then it has GOT to be used equally among all races. The hate crime definition is

Main Entry: hate crime

Function: noun

Date: 1989

: any of various crimes (as assault or defacement of property) when motivated by hostility to the victim as a member of a group (as one based on color, creed, gender, or sexual orientation)

And thats straight out of Websters. Never does it say everyone except white. Look, Im not trying to invoke hate or get you to be invloved in something thats yet another example of hate crime laws being retarded, but I do want you to please take 5 mintues out of your day to please email, call or write your tv station and ask them to look at this website and tell you why you never heard about it? Why were we kept from knowing? What gives this judge the right to ask them to not talk about it? Why is it that these disgusting murderers are being more protected them the goddamn victims? And are they going after the death penalty? Who would know if they are or arent, we werent even informed it happened! Ask them to investigate, the more light shed on this the better chances of the only survivor to get justice. I know that once you read this it will stay with you forever like it will with me. This story will haunt me till the day I die, it truely is the worse crime of this century, I cannot even think of anything worse. Please just take a few mintues to email them or send it to your friends and family, let people know about this. Listen my page gets up to 50 hits an hour with my banners and my stats show that I get people from just about every state, if we all start asking questions they will sooner or later be held accountable for keeping it quiet and for changing the rules for different races. This is not right, you know it, I know it and now other need to know. Please atleast read it, I know youll do that right thing Diaryland. Here is also the email address and wesite for the DA handling the case please let her know what you think of how shes handling the case. email [email protected]


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