Bob McGoogle

Milk helps to prevent oste_poroses?

My keyboard is gross. Friggin cat hair everywhere.

Today we go in search of a costume for Mark. I think hes going to be the milk guy, "What goes with beans? Milk, milk. What goes with pie? Milk, milk" Yup complete with the headbands and wristbands. Thats after we go to Harvest days or Cider Days here in Lakewood today, I cant remember the name, but it should be fun. Im such a holiday nut, especially Christmas. We got our Nutcracker tickets, they are soo sweet. Front and center baby! I usually go to the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular, but thats in Michigan and we're not going home this year. Its cool, I love the Nutcracker.

Time to go wake the Marklar.

ps. If your looking for any Christmas ideas for Bob, look up Doozer(Fraggle Rock) on Ebay, I want a wind up toy! :-( They are so stinkin cute I think Im going to squeel!


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