Bob McGoogle

You cant say poop on here!

Im downloading Fraggle Rock episodes right now...jealous? Yeah I thought so.

Oh hey, its been confirmed, my diary is weird but its still cool. People arent as into poop as I am but they still find me funny. Umm what to say but still being polite...FUCK OFF.

Thats right all I talk, think or do is everything with poop. Whatever you have to tell yourself to justify actully reading a real diary with a real woman who actually shits and has her chunky ass period and isnt afraid to tell you the color. Then please dont read it if your little tummy churns ok? Those of us in the real world go poop.

I hate stupid bitches who are all girlie..YOU SHIT YOU KNOW YOU SHIT! I can talk about it, thats the beauty of having a diary.


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