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Seven Chipper Chicks

Chipper chicks are the best. They laugh at everything you say no matter if its funny or not. All night all I heard "Oh my God Leah! You are so funny!" I was like "Ummm ok" considering a hadnt even said anything! They are trying to turn me over to the chipper side I know it. I have to work again today THOSE BASTARDS! They dont explain shit to me so I walk around feeling really dumb and thats how they are going to turn me. Ahhh now I get it. Break me down then build me back up! Ill never turn you bath whores! You cant use your super chipperness on me! Ill kill you first! Ha!

Yeah so Im not digging this job but hey its a job...(just hold on till after Christmas can do it. Just hold on) I really dont have any idea what the fuck Im doing there but I just try to go with the flow.

My feet are cold and my pits stink. Off to work again from 1-5 today...pray for me, everyday Im there they chip away at me to bring me to the chipper side. Ho hum, off to work I groan.


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