Bob McGoogle

What are you looking at? Aint you never seen a trash picker befo?

Do you ever have those days where you feel as though you are swimming in a pool of financial shit and cant seem to quit eating it? Yeah that must suck for you people.

Sidney Willis, my trainer, is a goddamn pussy, a pussy I tells ya! Hes going to give me back the money he owes or Ill have his balls in a jar on my desk, a very small jar. Graham crackers are tasty.

What the hell am I going to do about Christmas when I only get 7 hours week! Grr Im off to work for a huge 3 hours. Oh no, not 3 hours! I mine as well sit on my ass all day cuz 3 hours at what they pay me with taxes taken out is NOTHING. I hate B&BW. Yeah yeah I know, its better then not having any job at all and starving somewhere on the street and eating out of dumpsters but atleast Id be finding more money is empties if I did that! Grrr! Ok bye bye :-)


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