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The Glad Game

After that last entry I was thinking.....What is there for me to be glad about since Pollyanna never gave up. Hmm....

1. Im glad I can ride a bike and not have a heart attack.

2. Im glad my legs work so that I can ride a bike.

3. Im glad Im not a huge chick who cant even walk.

4. Im glad I can have a job to go to.

5. Im glad I have a super snuggly warn fluffy coat to wear, thanks Marklar and Old Navy!

6. Im glad I only work for 3 hours today.

7. Im glad I got to use trainer at all.

8. Im glad Im losing weight finally.

9. Im glad I work during the day today so I dont have to ride my bike alone at night like I do tomorrow night.

10. Im glad I work the next 2 days instead of working Halloween.

11. Im glad umm that I ...

Oh fuck it whining is more fun. I have to work booo! I have to freeze my ass off! Tomorrow is going to be a nightmare for me! Ill have to get up at 6am to work otu and be ready for work by 1030 then pedal my tired freezing sore asss to work till 230 then go home on my bike again. Then at 530 go back in the freezing darkness and bust my ass helping to change the store over to Christmas till only God knows when then pedal my ass back at some crazy hour super tired and sore and freezing! Wahhhhhh!!! Man that sucked.

Maybe I should go back to being glad?


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