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I worry too much. I panic that someone is going to hurt my cats or A cat out there. I have nightmares about a trial about people I have never met. When I cant find Mark I always fear the worst. I always worry about saying the wrong thing to EVERYONE because I always do. Im the girl that at dinner with your parent will start to brag about getting my period finally and what a relief it is that another year month has gone by that I didnt get knocked up. Im worried because in 4 months Ill be 24 and I have no idea who I am yet or what I want or where I want to go. I thought Id have shit figured out by now. I cant believe its going bu so fast. I worry the damaged I did to my lungs with smoking for all those years will still hurt me later on. I worried it will hurt Mark or the felines. Im worried that Ill never go back to having a 17 inche waist without lipo which you can bet your ass Ill do if it wont. Seriously I will. I worry that my family and friends will react bad the first time they see my new nose and lips. Im worried about starting a new school without her and all alone. Im worried that friends and family will never really understand how much I love them or how much I wanted them to love me. I worry that animals are being mistreated but I dont have the heart to look.

Jesus fucking Christ! Thats enough fucking worrying. Goddamit. Its even boring the shit out of me. Hey guess what? I got crazy sex this morning with a human slip and slide hehehe Thanks baby oil! You rock!

The sheets are done being washed now, have to go.


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