Bob McGoogle

Its great not living with your parents, you can eat whatever you want for dinner!

Mmmmmmmmm slurpee dinner..again! Mmmmmmm

So my major will be English or more specific Liturature Major; Literary Studies Track with a minor in Women's Studies. Yeah its a pussy major but I like it. What happened to business you say? Well when she broke down the requirements I shit myself. Microeconomics, macroeconomics, calc I and II, Physics, chemistry and international business. Just to name a few. Now Im not pussin out listenok? I suck at math. Really I do. I went as far as Algebra II inhigh school then I didnt HAVE to take anymore so I didnt. I suck at science, I only went as far as Biology. See some people like Marklar are brainiacs and can ace anything especially math and science, that is NOT me. Some people excell at different things, for me I love to read. I read all the time. I love everything there is to read except science fiction, yuck. Yes I want my kiosk of Pop Cultures in Colorado and yes I will have them but Ive ran one before and I didnt know calc and I still did great. Im not trying to run a corpration here folks, just popcorn stands in malls. See? Im great at business and customer relations and running that thing, but I dont need all that. Now I can just take classes I want to take for fun! Now thats awesome! Im geeked about school now! Its like a chance to take anything Ive EVER wanted to take! Arent you jealous? Hhahahah Its going to be so much fun! Ill take some business classes but Im not going to major in it, thats just too much for what I need. Anyways, Ill hire accountants to do that math for me! Yay! Life is good. Computers and accountants. Ahh I love this country. Plus I mean come on, I can add and subtract so I think Ill be ok. Im not a total tard :-) I just want to have fun taking classes I like and enjoy them and not kill my GPA doing it. I love school. Me smart!

I have sicky spit again today. Stupid flu. Wheres my mom?


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