Bob McGoogle

You cant resist my cute blonde piggy tails, big blue eyes and and half cocked head selling you every frickin thing in the store. You cannot resist me and my sales pitch....come to Leah

Older entries rock. You see how much of an ass you really can be sometimes. I hate that. Ive been a huge ass way too many times to count, but hey thats just me. A big huge ass. :-)

I was so chipper at work today someone asked me what I was on. I wonder what they would say if I said crack with a straight face? I wanted to barf. Not because they had embarassed me but because I knew that in some small way, Bath & Body Works had brought me a little closer to the chipper side. Im only human, I cant fight them off forever. They are just too goddam chipper!

Damn thats a long ass title. I have to take a crap now and try to scrub off some of this shit on my skin, I stink.


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