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Im getting a pimple in my ear and it hurts.

You know what really pisses me off more then anything? EVERY fucking job I have ever had, I was one of the only people who smoked. At BBW EVERYBODY smokes except for me. What a crock of shit! I hate you smokers who get to smoke that sweet sweet cheeba! But Im also not a slave to my addiction anymore and thats nice, but still...I miss it like an old friend sometimes. Ahhh the memmories.

Thats it for the short entry the rest is below if you care to read it. Im going to try to keep them short from now on cuz I hate reading long ass entries but tonight at work was weird.

So I went to the Colorado Mills mall they are going to open in like 2 days to help the BBW store get ready to open up. There was only me and this girl Mika (pronounced Meek-A) from my store. This was the first time I had talked to her so I was curious about her. She has a very weird hair cut and I was being usual ASS-uming Leah and wondered to myself if she was gay. We were talking and shes telling me all about the places shes lived, like every city in USA, and then she finally says "my boyfriend" in a sentence and I felt more at ease around her. Weird huh? Why the hell should I care? It wasnt like a "ewe" weird, it was more like a "Yeah Im a hip girl too, so Ill make sure I make some kind of statement about how much I like Melissa Ethridge crap." Yeah, I know its lame. I just felt weird like when I am around anyone of a different race then me. I feel like I should try to find a common ground with them or make sure they know Im not racist or homophobic or a crackhead. I feel uncomfortable. I never know what to say. I fumble for words and then I end up saying something so fucking stupid that I torture myself for the rest of my day about it and night depending on how dumb. Am I alone in how I do this shit? I hope not, I feel dumb enough as it is. There was one thing that did piss me off though. Why is it that EVERY fucking girl I meet in this god forsaken state is weird? She told me shes a couch jumper. She doesnt have a home, she just crashes on a different couch every night. Where are the girls who are my age, not married, not tradtional in the extreme sense of the word like you live for your man and dream of your wedding and children youll have, college gal, NORMAL 23 YEAR OLD! Not weird, creepy, a drug addict, psycho, religious freak or cant speak english! Im starting to think that they dont exist here so I am doomed to never find a real friend here. Its ok, I have Kat, Angela, BeerMary, Katie and my readers. Damn Im tired of weird people. Doesnt anyone just like to hang out at the bar or go shopping or paint something or veg infront of the tv anymore? Sheesh.


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