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Growing up..and doing it in America.

I love living in a country where I am able to express myself. My opinion could be completely un-PC and I can still have it and share it. I can protest and even go on tv and call the president a fucking idiot if I wanted to. Thats whats so great about America. Some people have beliefs which we may not agree with or find completely disgusting but still, we live in a country where we are allowed to feel or think or say anything we choose to think, feel or say. If we could only say think and feel things that were PC or one way, then it wouldnt be freedom of speech. I accept that others have different opions then mine, I accept that the US has what I deem as bad people in it, but I refuse to accept that we must all think one way or PC. Thats not freedom. Im fucking sick of people who take it for granted that we have this right. Do you know how many countries dont, ESPECIALLY towards women? You may not agree with people all the time, you may think they are racist or stupid or sexist or just an idiot but remember it is our RIGHT as Americans to have different opinons. What was that quote something like

You want free speech? Let's see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil who is standing center stage advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours." Thank you Michael Douglas. This is exactly what I mean. Your also helping to perpetuate the hate when you link to a hate site even if you are trying to defer people because you expose them to new thoughts and some may find that they share those beliefs and didnt even realize they did till you linked them up to a hate site. Just food for thought. Protest, thats great. Thats another thing we are guaranteed the right to, assemble but you cant condem others for doing the same just because you dont agree with them. There will always be hate, discrimination, and sexism. Thats just how it will always be, but its how you conduct your own life and self that will change it for you and your circle of family/friends. I say lead by example by not using those words and loving the country we live in truely and as it is. This place may not be perfect, we do have our own problems but its way better then most are and that I appreciate and love. I dont agree with people having hate signs but I wouldnt be that pissed off because they are practicing an amended right. How could I then be able to do it if I felt complelled? It cant be ok for only one belief and all others that arent pc or that you dont agree with have to be silent. Equal rights comes with a price and its accepting that we all have different opions no matter how right we may think ours is or how wrong I may think yours are. Just my 2 cents...but atleast here I can have it :-)


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