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A fucking replay? Cant you think of anything to say, um no. No I cant.

Well I couldnt think of anything good to say so Ill do a replay for those sicko people who love my messed up mind. Here you go, its ABORTO! I love the date of this one, you can tell my mind was not on what it should have been on or maybe I was just tired of having it on sad shit. I remembered this entry for 2 reasons, in the car tonight we heard "Cleaning out my closet" by Eminem and we both started singing the Aborto song, (same tune) and second because I love entries that piss stupid people off who cant read and see what I really said. Enjoy!


11:46 a.m.

Can you say Sickos?

Yeah well Im not going to get all mushy because ...well I just am not.

But hey I have a funny story for you!

Yesterday in the car Mark and I were talking about what if I got knocked up? What would we do? I said I would consider adoption. Then somehow we got onto how we both really dont agree with abortion and junk but wouldnt it be funny if we named our kid Aborto? Then we wrote a whole to our child Aborto...Sing the melody from Eminem's "Cleaning out my closet"

But first! Before you get your frickin panies in a bunch about this, Im hardly ever serious, I have a very sick sense of humor, Im pro-life, and Mark did it!! Hehehe

"Sorry Aborto, I didnt mean to hurt you, I never meant to make you die but tonight, Im cleaning out my uterus!"

Yeah well we thought it was funny. Come on! Aborto! Hahahah Or for short Bort. We should write childrens songs. There was this other time that Mark just completely killed me. We were walking down this street and there was this young couple of kids they were maybe 17 or 18. The guy goes to Mark as we pass, "Hey man can you give us some money to feed my pregant girlfriend?" and so Mark being Mark said "No but I can give you a hanger!" Hhahaha I love that boy. Yes hes pro-life too, it was just funny. Those stupid kids sit out there everyday and get stupid people to give them money. Shes probably not even prego, its just a scam. Poor dumb bastards who fall for it. I love the fake bums they are what makes life worth laughing at. Well I hope you all got a good laugh because thats one thing those fucking terrorist cant take from us, the sick American sense of humor. Good day!


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