Bob McGoogle

Peep show at door C

I was having a really relaxing morning on this ,my only day off, in the tub this morning, when all of a sudden just as I had put shampoo in my hair, the doorbell rang. Now I order a shitload off of the internet because I dont have a car, so I knew it was the postperson delivering and I didnt want to miss them. I screamed out "Hang on a second!", while I jumped out of the tub and grabbed my rob and tried to pull it on my soaking body. I had bubbles streaming down my face making it even harder to find the front door. I opened the door to say hello and at this point had soap in both eyes and couldnt see shit. The postperson a woman, thank God, said "A little chilly this morning aint it?" I was like "Huh?" with my barely open one eye. Then she looked down at my chest then back up at me with this stupid dumb ass grin on her face. I didnt figure it out till I got inside and whipped off my stinging eyes that my nip was blazing out from my half open robe. Nice.


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