Bob McGoogle

shit ass mother fuckering hackers.

Ok heres my problem, if you have been trying to contact me via my normal Leah email address forget it because some fucker has stolen my password and broke into my accounts and other sensitve shit in it. NEVER give out your password not even to Ebay or Yahoo ok? They are NOT joining forces, if you received that email throw it out or rather report them. Yes you may think I was a dumb fucker for falling for it but you can eat my fucking ass ok? All of my private fucking accounts were in that address and now I am freaking cuz I have to cancel everything. SO please do not attempt to email me there use the [email protected] one ok? Please dont email me with the "What happened I really care" emails either cuz as you can tell I am in no fucking mood to answer you right now. Thanks for the concern and please dont email me for a while till this is all straightened out.


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