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Fuck you and your stereotypes

Just a really really bad day. I got my head bit off by calling this doctors office to ask if they carry Silicone for the lips cuz I just wanted info on it. And I swear to GOd Mike if you email me and tell me how fuckign stupid I am for wanting PS then you can fuck off. I am in no goddamn mood today. I got an email from my stepmom today and she said I dont dress procatively liek my dad said I do and I just want off and told her what a bastard I think dad is. Im balling my eyes out cuz today has just sucked ass. Mark says I want too much and that it might get out of control. who would nt want the cellutlite taken away and the fat and bigger poofier lips and clear skin? WHO? No one thats who. And I know I feel like I cant want anything or Mark will get weird like Im goign to end up with another persons face. I cant take this shit, not today. Sorry but no I wont just learn to deal with the it...get over it its your face deal with it. We all have shit we hate but we just have to deal with it, learn toloveit right? FUCK THAT. No you do not. You can fix it so that youll love your face or whatever bothers you. Whynot? Why wouldnt you? Well besides money? Why not? Come on tell me! Why learn to deal with it when you can change it? ITs not liek your past this can be fixed. I do not understand peopel opposed to PS. Its not fake, its liek make-up an improvement of your own features. Cuz thats what PS really is. I cant get another persons eyes or face, they use what I have and tey to adjust it to where Ill like it. They cant do miracles and turn me into a hot chick, they can only work with my features. Get it assholes? Jesus today has been horrible. Fuck this.


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