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Well off to school I go I go tomorrow. Yup Leahs lazy and a lotta fatty ass are going back to school tomorrow! I ve been gone since 2000. Stupid state laws. I cannot believe my 24th b day coming. God. I thought Id have everything on the road to my future by now but instead I feel stuck, wanting to run away as fast as I can. God I hate this. What happened to being a lawyer and fighting for those scorned and abused women out there? What happened to the last 3 years? I left to help him and his carer but I wish I would have realized how different things are without friends tohang out with or family to spend time with. But all in all I dont regret moving from Michigan. Everyday I could feel myself becoming a dirtball a little more. I had to leave because I, well not just for him but I had to save myself from that life. I had bigger dreams than that and I still do. I guess tonight I keep thinking about my past cuz now I feel like Im ready to face the future, just needed to reminisce a little. Ok thats done.

Man I got trashed this weekend. Now Ive been drunk many many times before and yes I do enjoy it heheh, but this was just out of my fuckign gord drunk. I broke a champagne glass and cleaned it up with my hands. We are on a drinking kick of pink Champagne. ITs total dirt ball shit called Andres but its 4 bucks a bottle we finish off about 3 or 4, and we call it our "Kristol" tee hee. I tastes really good which is why I got so fucking drunk I went blind. Yup I really did. It was really annoying.

So anypoop wish me luck for tomorrow I have to ride the bus and hopefully I dont get lost:-) I have a horrible sense of direction. This ought to be hilarious.


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