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Yup I had to read Hamgay and it was very hard to understand. Ive read Romeo and Juliet and even Taming of the Shrew but never Hamlet until now. Yeah..Ill be watching thr movie with Mel on Friday cuz I didnt get all of it. I think I got the jist but still, I need to know it all. My classes are awesome and really hard. My music class is probably the worst as far as reading and crap I have to do, can you believe that shit? My Phil class is fuckign awesome and Im geeked to get back in there. Our professor is kick ass and I could listen to her talk all day. My teacher is also a student so shes all about trying to not kill us with reading and work and she seems pretty interesting. Music is well, yeah... My Lit class is pretty sweet too, thats where the Hamlet reading is from. My professor actually cares about us can you believe it? Shes emailed me back a few time to try to help me understand what to write about, now thats awesome!I have a shit load of reading to do. Man I forgot abotu the reading but thank GOd I love to read and Im anal retentive about having things done early cuz Hamlet didnt have to be finished till next week. Im almost done with next weeks readings ass well. I like to be prepared. Then I can just breeze through it real quick before class to help me remember. I had to watch a documentary tonight about Jasper Texs "The Two Towns of Jasper" on PBS, I recommend you try to see this. Wow. Im not going to ruin it for you but lets just say it opened my eyes to race realtion in this country and how I feel about it. Very compelling. It was for my PHIL class. I really feel like this teacher is going to really open my eyes to a lot of things. She already did about the true reason for police. Its all about illusions my friend. Man Im glad to be back among young kids my age again and not feel like a loser who sits on her oversized ass being a f-ing housewife. I need a job. I wish that guy at school would call me back, sheesh.


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