Bob McGoogle

I feel like swearing

Suck my balls. Eat purdy pooh. I hate all this fuckign reading. Im so fucking tired after 5 hours of sleep last night cuz Mark is a horney bastard..ok ok it was me I woke him up at 1 for a booty fest, stupid dirty dreams. Then I had to get up at 6 am, Im just a butthole. Assface shit ass eat my foot. My armpits stink cuz its fucking 72 degrees today in the hot ass winter of COlorado and I was sweating my balls off walking around campus with those tight jeans on. I wish my boobs would shrink a little cuz my fucking back hurts and they are so fucking big its gross and disturbing. Shit ass, piss face, I like that one. Eat my chunks. Im tired. My brain is crap, can I borrow yours?


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