Bob McGoogle

What the hell is that?

The King. The buyer of Old Milwaukee. The Man. The lowest guy on the totem pole at work. The owner of Thunderbird or Camero with a huge bird on the hood. The Aplha male. The listener of White Snake, ACDC, and other such 80's bands. The neighbor with the furniture and car parts on his lawn. The one with the wife with black eyes. The person who has been on least 3 times. The one who can barely read cuz he was kicked out of school in the 10th grade. Th one who smokes those dirty dirty cigarettes, Newport. The one who drinks beer in the mornign liek you would coffee. The one who still wears stone washed jeans with a see through netted football jersey. Yes folks, yes, its The Mullet Guy. If you find yourself in the aweful position of havign to live by one of these plagues to humanity, move. These types are higly contagious. People see how wonderful it must be to be that ignorant and lazy. Who wouldnt want to not have to work or be able to read stuff? You could sit on your porch and drink and smoke all day! Who wouldnt want that life? You could have your own art expo with all the junk on your lawn, its New Age! Seriously, you have to leave. They will infect you and everyone around you. Before you know what 5+5 is, you will be a MULLET. Like it Robin? tee hee:-)


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