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Shit crap damn hell mother fucker

Jesus enough is enough. O I have a fuckign rant. Iknow I know I said I was busy today but then I read my buddies entries for today and now Im pissed off. So here are some life lessons Ive learned that I want to share with some of you. 1. If you were married and you cheated on your husband then stay away from him ok? You obviously wanted to get away from him so do it all ready! 2. Stop fucking talking to people who only want shit on you. If you keep coming back for more, they will keep dishing it out. 3. If he isnt with ou anymore then stay the FUCK out of it when he tries to find someone else. 4. You really are the fucking devil and I want to stab you to death. I have never felt such rage as I feel it for you and God I hope I see you soon cuz your gonna finally feel how bad it hurts to have someone rip out your heart. Youve done this to everyone and now Im gonna have my fun with you. (that was more of a declaration then some life lesson but lets move on shall we?) 5. Stop being a pussy. If someone is playing with you stick up for yourself or just shut the fuck up and keep being their bitch. 6. There comes a point when you have GOT to see her for what she is, the fucking devil who is out to control you and destroy anyone who comes into contact with you. Grow some balls, and tell her to "Back the fuck up bitch", but mean it this time ok? 7. Why are you trying to save a marriage when he is such a controlling asshole that even I feel under lock and key from him? He calls you every fucking hour! Tell him to get a fucking life! 8. Why are you trying to save it anyways when your in love with another guy? Dont mess with people or keep them as back-ups, just let them loose ok? 9. And finally, if you love someone and you think that they are worth it(lets hope they are....) then fight for them. Dont let her stop you. Dont let anything stop you. Jesus Christ. Ok now Im done Adios.


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