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We dont need another hero

Way too much on brain today. Stress, stupid music test tomorrow, papers due, need money, want to stab my father in the forehead, my cat smells funny, I bit my already sore lips, I started on a new Baskin Robins cake today (very badddddd), my hamster sleeps too much, Mark needs his taxes done, I need write a letter that has been waiting to be wrote for 24 years, I need to keep reading because books like "Possessive Investment in Whiteness" are opeing my eyes to racism that I thought I wasnt apart of, I have to turn off my brain at night and stop digging hives into my skin because I cant smoke away stress or chew my lips, or get such bad gas that I think Im having a heart attack when all it is is my body reacting to stress, I need to join a club so I have other women with which whom I confer with my beliefs and learn something new, I need to study for my test tomorrow, I need to allow him to do this his own way and not pressure him, I need to say thank you more and what a great job you did!, I need to pet Bob more, I need to poop, I need to say its ok if I dont get straight A's this semester even though I know I can if I try, I need more confindence, I need pads for my bleeding hole, I need you to know that I cannot answer every question you have but Ill try, Im not the person whos going to start a revolution so stop asking me to, I need to try to break stereotypes, I need my nose to stop bleeding, I need sleep without nightmares, I need safeness even if only for one day all alone, and I need pie. Yup that about sums up whats on my brain. Any thoughts send them to "quityourgoddam[email protected]" or my email address [email protected]


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