Bob McGoogle

In the mind of a ganster....

It must have just been one of those days, my professor looked bored. I looked at my watch, it said 1145am, I knew we'd be there till 1245 so my heart sank at the thought of sitting here forever. The clocked ticked....she looked up and said "Hows about we just leave early today huh?" We were gone before she finished the rest of whatever she was gonna say. I stepped out of the dark building into the blinding light of a beautiful Colorado day. It was 55 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. I felt like singing out "Born free as the wind blows...", like on the TV commercial of the old ladies. I thought about all the poor shmucks covered in snow throughtout the rest of the country and smiled. I put on my bling bling pink tinted sunglasses and headed home. I didnt even mind the crazy lady on the bus or the long walk from the bus stop to the bottom of the hill where my apartment is. I breathed in the air and thought to myself, "Life is good." And everything was cool in the mind of a ganster (thats me BTW) and it was. Goddamn I love days like this.


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