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Slave Narratives

Today I watched the Slave Narratives on HBO. I recommend you watch it. I balled my eyes out through the whole goddamn thing and felt disgusted at being white. There were pitcures of whites standing around and smiling in picutres while black slaves were naked, face down on the ground and tied to stakes to be beaten. They would whip them straight down till the skin broke then do it diagonal to rip up chucks of flesh. Then they would invite everyone to rub salt in their cuts and leave them to bake in the sun. After a few hours, if they felt like it, they'd beat them some more then leave them for dead if they were still living. This punishment was for what you ask? Anything the "massa" thought was worth it. Sometimes I just cannot believe how much fucking evil there is out there in the world. There is beauty also I know, but I definately believe its good for all of us to see the evil too.


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