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She's crazy.......

There's this woman who rides the second bus I take for like a 5 minute trip home and shes crazy. If you look at her she goes nuts and starts to scream and talk all kinds of dirty things. I thought she was talking on a cell phone the first time I saw her because she was yelling about diseases she got from living on the streets. (Keep in mind that shes a businees type looking lady around 35, not your normal wacko.) Well she just started freaking out and swearing at someone who wasnt there and then I saw that there was no cord going to her ear. The bus driver said "She's the crazy lady" so I guess she is. Just keep your eyes on the floor and youll be fine. Hey guess what? I made a diary ring and if you dont join it you hate children, you dont hate children you? buttersisgod join it! Oh yeah I got an A on my music test, and it was the highest grade in the class, and I got a 100% on my Soc paper..Leah's sense of self bloating, bloating, bloattiiinnggg. No popping here, Im smart. I am smart S-M-R-T smart smart smart!


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