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Im breaking the bathroom code: Today sucked my butt. I had diahrea really really fucking bad so I went to the bathroom at school to pooh and stop my stomach from getting all bubbly crazy on me. BUT every fucking time I went to let out this horrible shit floating in my stomach some dumb ass fucking chick would come into the bathroom and reapply her goddamn make-up for like 20 mintues. I had to wait for each flush to let out as much of the explosions from my ass as I could before it got all quiet and people would know my ass was exploding. Why do we girls do that? Its like we know we all shit and get the hershey squirts but we just cannot (most of us anyways, my friend Angela honestonly.diaryland prides herself on her ability to crap in public. God I love her.) let loose and poop when there are other people there? I mean for half an hour I sat on the toliet almost in tears trying to hold in this shit so I wouldnt make a huge "kdsghaertefuopwoej" noise and all would know my ass had just exploded. Its like who cares? But we do. Admit it you do care. Theres like an unspoken code that you just dont poop in pubilc bathrooms unless its absolutely necessary and you NEVER diahrea, OMG thats a huge no no. I wonder why we do this crap to ourselves, guys dont. Hmm. Interesting. In other Leah news, my hives are out of fucking control and the only medicine that they gave me for it makes me so sleepy and groggy that Im falling asleep in class, nice huh? Goddamit. I got pudding on the keyboard again, crap. The infection in my lip is getting better I think and I really really want liposuction. Why am I not rich? My cat Bob is licking his nuts. This usually isnt that big a deal except hes been doing it for almost 20 mintues now, I wonder if thats normal?


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