Bob McGoogle

Why think for yourself when others can do it for you?

Copy time, its copy time. I don't have a brain to think up my own things so its copy time, its copy time! Ok Im soooo copying off of my dear friend for this one. She did a "Ask Heidi a question week" And now its my turn since Im so unusual as Im typically described as, lets see what my answers are to your queries(God I ahte that word). (Ang this could be good data for our new thing we're gonna work on soon wink wink) Ask away Diaryland! Anything you want to know ask me, Ill end this next sunday or so k? Then Ill post my answers to all of them. This will be fun if people actually part take so DO IT or Ill hunt you down and do ya dry. Ouch...sheesh. Ok bye bye.


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