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And thats my 2 cents....oh yeah shit fuck..needed my childish swearing in there, I don't want to worry people

It really blows that it takes someone elses sadness for me to realize how great of a relationship I have. Mark and I really do have something that almost everyone I know cant seem to find and we werent even trying for it. Sometimes you feel like you've lost your youth and aged while all your friends are still kids having fun. You're all "married" and feeling it. But the truth is they'd give it all up for a moment of what you have. If they only knew what having someone see you, all that inside you that you hide from everyone even yourself, theyd know how important loving yourself first is. It wasnt luck that brought Mark to me, although I thank God everyday, I loved myself first then I was able to find someone to love who I demeaned worthy to love me back. Hes not perfect and either am I but we're about as close to it as you could get. Egalitarian relationships are the ONLY ones to have. A lover is important but a best friend is worth more. He sees me, all of me that I cant even see, and its good. Love yourself, its more important then all the other crap you read about how to keep a guy or get a guy or all that magazine shit. Love yourself, without it you're a pitiful shell of a person looking for comformation not love.


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