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So I got a facial last week to try to get rid of some nasty blackheads on my sore ass nose. Did you ever get one? Man they hurt before but sheesh this lady Michelle has guns that would make Mark Maguire feel puny and she was squeezing my face. I was trying really hard not to cry but the tears were rolling down my cheeks all the while shes trying to make small talk and I feel like my nose is getting ripped off. Man it hurt! So for all you bastards that arent afflicted with blackheads...I want oyu to die a horrible painful death that so many of us feel every month when Michelle the super woman squeezes our faces till we think we are going to die. Yeah that'll learn ya for having good skin! Oh yeah! My good pal Katie is prego! Im so happy for her. Some peopel are born to be parents like her. She has always loved kids and wanted a bunch of them. I hopoe and pray everythign turns out good this time and I kow it will. Isnt it funny how some people are just "born" to be a mommy or daddy like my brother Mike. Now he was born to be a daddy, god help us all. But he was and so was Katie. I wish all her the best of luck and if you pray please mention her that this baby will make it and she'll be healthy and so will Katie. Sappy sap sap sap. Off to skool. Stupid PHIL teacher.


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