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Don Rickle zinged ya Marge!

So last night we went out for Mucklucks b-day. That's Marks new name with Marklar, Markiepooh, and all the other embarassing nicknames I give him then proceed to use in public as much as I possibly can. So we went to eat at Morton's of Chicago Steakhouse. Goddamn it was good. If you've never had their filet minion, you've never had steak. It's so good I almost pooped my pants eating it. The last time we had it was at Christmas when Mark's company took us out to dinner. Jesus it's good, and only 34.50 for JUST the steak! So you can see why we don't eat there everyday cuz if it was cheaper I would. Then after that is was off to Comedy Works, a comedy club in Denver. We had front row seats for David Cross. (google search scarey movie 2 if you don't know him) It was fucking hilarious! I was dead front and center. He sang a parody of "Proud to be an American" right to me for a little bit! It was AWESOME! I was pretty fucked up and it was great. I pee'd my pants. What a fun night.


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