Bob McGoogle

Welcome to bizarro world ( I'd make that oohhwhoo sounds but I don't know how to spell that:-)

Tonight while Muckluck and I were doing our late night grocery shopping so we can avoid all the goddam hippes, I saw us from behind. There was this little chubby blonde girl with blue jeans and a tight top that was too tight for her gut that you could see through the shirt. She had her hair on top of head and big blue eyes. The guy with her was about 5'8, skinny and had on Muckluck clothes (khaki corderoy pants and a plaid shirt). He had the same hair cut as Mark and everything. They were us. I've never seen a girl dress exactly like me and guy exactly like Mark AND together! It was so bizzaro world. I was looking at what other people see when they see Muckluck and me and you know what? It didn't look half bad. Too bad it was bizarro world and not the real world. God I hate you Superman, I really do.


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