Bob McGoogle

I don't know what it is but I know I want it

I'm in a romantic mood lately. I don't really understand why either because I'm more of a snuff girl. I've been listening to R. Kelly and Jodeci...takes me back. Sometimes I wish I had romance like Dan and Kathryn do( & They write beautilful poetry to each other and he talks about how much he can't wait to put his arms around her and how he wants taste her. It makes me crazy with jealousy sometimes because we just aren't like that, it's more like fart on each other then go hump like rabbits for a few minutes then it's done, back to farting. Oh...romance what is it? I've never had it so I wouldn't know and I know that's my fault as much as his, shit I taught him all he knows so I take all the responsibility. But how do you teach someone to crave tasting you and licking you all over and needing you so bad like a drug like Dan and Kathryn do? I don't think you can teach that, they just have to feel it. Passion.


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