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Moving on.

Sometimes I think we need the approval of our family no matter how horrible they can be to us sometimes and vice versa. When someone is different then the herd they are usually picked out and made fun of because people are jealous of their ability to live their lives however they want. We all pay a price for being who we are. Some one will always disapprove of us, but it is those who don't give in and let the feelings of gulit they put on us take over. You cannot stand up and say I am a independant person and then cave in to others expectations that will make you a hypocrite and if there is anything more in this world I cannot stand is a hypocrite. I learned something about myself. I like me. No matter what the debate is or who is giving it to me I choose a side then go for it and I do not give in unless I am proven wrong, which I have been on many occasions. I like that I stick with what I believe in and don't put it on for show. We all have to look inward and decide whether we like who we are or whether we will spend the rest of our lives trying to make others happy. I decided a long time ago I wouldn't let them change me into what ever they wanted and it kills me you can't do the same. Oh well maybe one day you will love yourself enough for who you are or maybe you won't. It's your choice but I know who I am and like me.


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