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Got my grades back!

I got 3 A's ( Phil 3500 Sexism & Racism, Soc Sex and Gender, PMUS intro to music) and a craphole fuck B in Engish Lit. The worse part is I didn't need that class I thought I was going to major in it but then changed my mind to Sociology but since I had done so much work already I kept it. Sucks balls but I'll get my grades up! My friend Kat(radiokat) and Robin (echnobaby) are both really smart and take a lot of tough courses so along with smarty Marklar they can help me out tee hee. I still have the flu and feel like poop but I'm getting better. My body is so achy though. Don't you hate the flu? Shit I could have SARS. Now that would suck ass. Don't worry I'm quarantined in my house but oh no! Marklar hasn't been! Hhahah Just kidding. Man it's cold in here. My body has been shivering all day. I really feel like crap. Where's my mom?


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